26 June 2018 RCB advice update

Following recent direction from Department of Home Affairs, Immigration SA will be removing the recruitment activity exemption for RCB advice applications. This recruitment activity exemption relates to: university lecturers/medical specialists; and to nominees who had been working in the nominated position for 12 months or more for an approved 457/482 sponsor and who are seeking nomination via the RSMS Direct Entry stream. Experienced Australian Visa Migration Agent/Lawyer

All RCB advice applications submitted from 25 June 2018 will need to show recruitment activity undertaken to attract suitable Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents (including Australian citizens and permanent residents who are willing to move to the local area for the position). Positions will need to be advertised online on one of the recruitment sites listed in the RCB advice checklist.The employer can also choose to advertise the position in The Advertiser Saturday edition or relevant local newspaper, as long as it’s also advertised on one of the specified recruitment websites.

Immigration SA will use the recruitment activity information provided in the application to assess:
Whether the position can be filled by an Australian Citizen or Australian permanent resident who is living in, or would move to, the local area concerned.

457/482 visa holders can access a permanent visa pathway through the RSMS Temporary Residence Transition stream if they meet the Department of Home Affairs requirements, or if working in their field in South Australia qualify to apply for State Nomination.

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Experienced Australian Visa Migration Agent/Lawyer